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Can neighbors reduce the value of my property?

A cluttered landscape next door can detract from positive aspects of your home, but may not reduce the actual value. Your local laws should be on file at the public library, county law library or City Hall, available for your review. 

"Junky vehicle" ordinances, for example, may require any disabled car to be placed behind a fence or otherwise hidden from view. Most cities prohibit parking any vehicle on a city street for long periods of time. 

It may be worthwhile to check into local zoning ordinances. Operators of home-based businesses are usually required to obtain a variance or permanent zoning change in residential areas. 

If a neighbor's repair work produces loud noises, he may be breaking local noise-control ordinances enforced by the local police department. 

In any neighbor dispute situation you may want to make a copy of the pertinent ordinance and give it to your neighbor to give them a chance to correct the problem.If the situation is not resolved, then contact local authorities. 



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