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Spencer County

Spencer County, Kentucky, is named for Captain Spear Spencer, who served in the "Cornstalk Militia" during the early 1800's, a military contingent that used corn stalks for practice drills, due to the shortage of rifles.

 The 32nd Kentucky General Assembly created Spencer County in January 1824 from parts of Nelson, Shelby and Jefferson Counties. Spencer became the 77th county in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. As with most regions in the border south, Spencer County was first inhabited by native Americans, mostly Shawnee Indians.

 Taylorsville is the county seat of Spencer County, Kentucky. Long-time residents of the region can often trace their ancestry to the middle 1700's, since many families of current citizens helped to settle the Taylorsville "basin" area.
 The region is known for its rural ambiance and wildlife. Spencer County became the home of beautiful Taylorsville Lake in 1983, the year the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project was completed. During that year Salt River was funneled into the new impoundment and Taylorsville Lake was formed, a body of water that is 3,050 acres at summer pool.

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