Cindy in Louisville

Old Louisville

As the name indicates, the neighborhood's origins coincide with those of Louisville itself. The largest annual event in the area is the St. James Court Art Show, held every fall. The show, started in 1957 as a way to thank artists for their help in renovating the neighborhood, has grown to be one of the largest art shows of its kind in the country. It features nearly 500 exhibitors and draws more than 100,000 visitors each year. Old Louisville is also the…

by Cindy Parrish | 03/15/16


"Anchorage is not just a place to live, Anchorage is a way of life." Anchorage, KY thrives under a canopy of oaks and magnolias. Here historic homes, country estates and smaller homes sit side by side. In spring, neighbors walk, bike or jog past flowering dogwoods, forsythias, jonquils and tulips. A community dedicated to family, neighbors, its school, the environment, its pets and horses. Anchorage is an eastern Jefferson county…

by Cindy Parrish | 03/15/16

Spencer County

Spencer County, Kentucky, is named for Captain Spear Spencer, who served in the "Cornstalk Militia" during the early 1800's, a military contingent that used corn stalks for practice drills, due to the shortage of rifles. The 32nd Kentucky General Assembly created Spencer County in January 1824 from parts of Nelson, Shelby and Jefferson Counties. Spencer became the 77th county in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. As with most regions in the border south, Spencer County was first inhabited by native Americans, mostly Shawnee Indians. Taylorsville is the county seat of Spencer…

by Cindy Parrish | 03/15/16

Oldham County

Created in 1823 and known for its scenic beauty, Oldham County covers 190 square miles, and is home to residents who respect the environment and carefully plan their county’s growth. Crestwood features plenty of attractive and affordable housing, much of it constructed in the last 40 years. Founded in 1827, LaGrange, the county seat, features two historic districts and beautiful housing developments, and is located about 20 minutes from Jefferson County. Prospect, with its fabulous Ohio River views, also features a thriving commercial center. Nearby Pewee Valley is bustling with new housing…

by Cindy Parrish | 03/15/16

Shelby County

Shelby County was formed in 1792. It is located in the Outer Bluegrass region of the state. The elevation in the county ranges from 550 to 1188 feet above sea level. In 2000 the county population was 33,337 in a land area of 384.19 square miles, an average of 86.8 people per square mile. The county seat is Shelbyville. With easy access to I-64, Shelby County is just 30 minutes from downtown Louisville, making it a reasonable option for home buyers who work in neighboring Jefferson County. Shelbyville, the county seat, contains a large historic district that includes most of its downtown…

by Cindy Parrish | 03/15/16

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