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Resources for kids and parents who are moving

Louisville Playgrounds and Playlands

If you have younger children and are moving to Louisville for the first time, you may be feeling anxious about preschools, daycares, doctors and available children's activities. Which neighborhoods are best for you?  What kind of home should you be looking for? Are there things you need to consider?  Louisville is a wonderful town for children with diverse neighborhoods that will be stimulating for any child. Think about your family's habits. Do you enjoy parks? The Louisville park system is an extensive one that can add immediate joy for your children. I've made a map for you of parks…

by Cindy Parrish | 03/15/16

Moving with kids

So you're moving! Whether you're moving to a new state or moving down the street, changes can be stressful on children. Even a move to a nearby neighborhood will mean a change in friendships and sometimes in schools for kids. Try these tips to make the transition less painful.  Talk to your children about the move Talk to the kids about moving. Listen and discuss their thoughts and fears, if any. Discuss what changes might happen…

by Cindy Parrish | 03/15/16

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